Sample Call Back Report

Download the [b][/b]

(NOTE: this report template is included default installed with AyaNova 4 and higher)


Import into AyaNova

This will place new sample report template for selection from Service Workorders grid and Items grid in the Service navigation pane.

This sample report template may be useful to use for callbacks - to print out a quick report identifying the workorder, client, client’s phone number, workorder status, and the Service Date of the workorder, along with the Item Summary, Labor Service Start Date and Schedulable User name from the Labor.

At present, this sample report template is grouped by the Client’s company name.

You may instead want to group by the the Service Date or other field.

To do so, select the GroupHeader1
Select the Properties tab
Select to open the GroupFields property collection
This displays the GroupField Collection Editor
At present you will note that there is one member, GroupField0 that is presently with a SortOrder of Ascending based on the field LT_O_Client - it sorts based on the client name.
Remove this GroupField and add a new one
For the FieldName, dropdown and select Service Date if you want to group based on the Service Date.