saving filtered views

i would like to save filtered views on the inventory pages so i do not have to filter them everytime i look at the inventory i could just pull up bobs truck stock only if he has the on hand more than zero qty and othersconsitions like that, then even print them out. a search function would also be nice like ctrl f to find the part on the page so we do not have to scroll through hundreds of parts to find the one we are looking for search by description or part # etc.


i would also like to save the views in the service workorder screen

I also would like to see if the facility of saving filtered views on works orders available in the new release, with thefiltered views accessible to other users of the system.


We’ve done some testing and trial development -and have determined thatto create multiple saveable views that can be selected by all users would require a major re-write of a large portion of the AyaNova 3 program - which would result in putting off of the other items on the AyaNova Road Map list of upcoming features.

For this reason, this feature will remain on our list “to do”, but we will not be releasing such a feature immediately. We will be concentrating on releasing the generic import/export utility and the web browser interface optional add-on first.

  • Joyce


I just started to review the software and it looks really great.

Regarding this topic: isn’t it possible to save only the filter criteria instead of the filtered view?It would seem easier to accomplish.

For example: I want to filter the workorders on “need to be assigned” and “scheduled”. In order to get the results (correct me if i’m wrong), I would create a custom filter with the following criteria:all workorders equal to “needs to be assigned” OR all workorders equal to "scheduled.

If this string can be saved and shown in the filter menu It would definitely help out. My first thoughts were (when creating the custom filter), where is the save option.

Regards, Mardie

Being able to save filtered views is now a feature of AyaNova v3.2

Thank you to all those that provided this suggestion.

  • Joyce