Saving Views on Filtered data

A useful facility in AyaNova CE was the ability to save views on workorder data so that these could be reopened by users of the system.

Are there any plans in the future to be able to save filtered views in the new release of AyaNova rather than having to reselect the filters each time. I am particularly interested in being able to save and share views on Worksorders, but I can see it being useful in a numberof areas (clients, quotes, inventory, purchasing).

I noticed and updated the previous entry on this topic but as there was no response I’ve re-created. My apologies if this is duplication of effort.


The AyaNova v3 RoadMaptopic does list saving views for the Service navigation pane as an upcoming feature.

Do be assured that all posts in the Wish List will get reviewed when we finish development on the existing projects - QuickBooks integration, remote web browser access, API documentation.

As listed at the top of the Wish List forum, we may not personally respond to all suggestions in the Wish List,however this forum will be reviewed during product development and great ideas will be short-listed for future development.

We do encourage performing a search on the forum to determine if your feature request is already posted.

  • Joyce

Thank you for your suggestion and ideas - this is now a feature in AyaNova v3.2