Scenario => SMB machineshop => Preventive maintenace template => assign tasks to workorder items

A typical preventive maintenance template for a mchine (“unit”) would look like having a work order item list looking like :

01 Check gaskets

02 Check machine levelling;

03 Check main spindle

04 Check X-axis

05 check Z-axis

06 Greasing

, each of which jhas a set of tasks to be performed.

The list of tasks can be assigned in the Tasks-section of the “Preventive maintenance template” window but it seems to be just a plain list.

I.e. there seems to be no way of determining which tasks belong to which workorder items so both of these lists seem to have “independent lives”.

And once a list of 20 tasks gets collected - there seems to be no real way of determining (evan a rough) sequence in which they have to be carried out?

Or is there a way?

Actually I was mistaken - the task list is displayed for active work order item.

However - its (task-workorderitem) relationship is displayed in a bit unintuitive layout so I got confused for a moment :angry:

Still it does not seem possible to display in the template window the total list of tasks e.g. to find out if there are no unnecessary duplicates in the list.

It _would_help though if the work order items where a set of picklist values (pre-entered per unit) instead of freehand data antry - then it would also be possible to have the task-sets assigned to registered work order items which would save a lot of typing in the long run.

Hi Madis

We appreciate your insight and suggestions for new features and expansion on existing features. Please post any additional feature suggestions in the Wish List section of the forum development to review during product development.

Thank you.

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AyaNova Sales & Support (5/5/2010)Please post any additional feature suggestions in the Wish List section of the forum …


when I posted the thread then it was about having a howto-type of problem to solve.

Since we are doing the pre-sales product-charting then the “Pre-sales” forum seems a right place for them (if not then what kind of topics is it meant to include?).

Then it came out that the original problem was a misunderstanding on my behalf.

And only then dawned to me an enhancement suggestion (related to the original problem descrived above).

The bottom line being - when starting the topic I had no idea that it should be in the “Wish-list”-section.

That’s great Madis. And as I wrote, any further suggestions, do post in the Wish List section.