Schedule Marker re-occuring

I have certain appointments on a regular basis that I would like to add a schedule marker for. I cannot find any way to add a reoccuring marker in the schedule - Is this not available and if not, can you add this to a future release?


The duplicate Schedule Marker feature has been a feature since AyaNova 3

Here is a link to the How to duplicate a schedule marker along with steps and screenshots in the AyaNova 4 Help file on how to use this feature

It is the Preventive Maintenance that can be used to create re-occurring service workorders on a set basis. With Schedule Markers, you use the duplicate feature if you want to make copies of it - Schedule Markers do not have a re-occurance feature like PM’s do.

  • Joyce

It is not the duplicate Schedule marker that I wan t - I know that can be done - It is the reocurrance i.e. Say I want a schedule marker for every Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. It is not a work order as it is additional items like meetings etc. Another item, will it ever be possible to import all scheduled items into Outlook?

Hello again

I do understand but as above, no, there is not a re-occurance feature like PM’s havefor Schedule Markers. What is provided is the duplicate menu option feature for Schedule Markers.

We ourselves do not have an interface for Outlook at this time, but it is something that development will look into

  • Joyce

The Outlook Schedule Export plug-in is now available - see an overview as well as the many plug-ins avaialble with AyaNova

  • Joyce