Schedule view

Am I missing a way to modify the view on the schedule screen? It changed from Ayanova 3 and we’d like to limit the hours displayed and have the 15 minute line markers instead of the 30 it now displays.

I also don’t see where to modify the work hours display so we can change the 9-6 highlighting.



Hi Chris

I see what you mean. As with AyaNova 3, these are settings that are hard coded into the Schedule screen, they are not editable by the user.

AyaNova 4.0 displays in 30 minute increments whereas AyaNova 3.6 displayed in 15 minute increments. I will have development look into this.

AyaNova 3.6 had 8 to 5 highlighted in a slightly lighter color than the rest of the hours, whereas AyaNova 4.0 has 9 to 6 highlighted in a slightly lighter color. This may be the default for this schedule control, but I will have development look into this.

I have moved this to the Known Issues & Updates section of this forum for development to look into.

  • Joyce

15 minute increments is back for AyaNova 4