Scheduled User Billing Report replacement

<P dir=ltr " ">You may note that the Scheduled User Billing Report sample report template that comes standard with AyaNova 3.3does not appear to sum up the Total No Charge Qty for this User

If you open the report template in the internal report designer, you will not that unlike the Total Billable Qty for this User and the Total Net for this User - Total No Charge Qty does not include the Sum property dir=ltr " "> dir=ltr " ">

To make this field sum up like the other fields, edit the property for this datafield so it sums by the grouping (which in this report template is the Scheduleable User) dir=ltr " "> dir=ltr " ">

In the Summary Editor, select to sum by Group dir=ltr " "> dir=ltr " ">

Now this field will sum all displaying No Charge amounts for each Scheduleable User. dir=ltr " "> dir=ltr " ">

<P <P You can also download a replacement “Scheduleable User Billing Report” that has this sum added for the No Charge Quantity total field.