Is it possible to link in the Labor of a Workorder to show on the Schedule Calendar. At present my engineers create a Workorder for a client; but increasingly most work is completed remotely and immediately. They set their labour time against the task completed and very rarely schedule to complete the job, however I would like to have some kind of visible record of their time management by way of the Schedule to show thier daily routines.

At present the engineer addsthier Labour and then repeats this as a scheduled job but I would like to reduce the duplication.

Therefore is their a way or can this possibly be added to a future release in which a Users labour / travel time etc is added to the schedule.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Hi Ian

The Schedule screen shows only scheduled workorder items and Schedule markers - items that are scheduled to occur. Whereas Labor and Travel are entered in a workorder to show what has actually been provided.

A suggestion if you want to quickly see their time management during the day would be to view the Labor grid in the Service navigation pane -perhaps have the Service Start as the first column, and filter by the specific user for [Today], and have the Service Start and the Service Stop and the Quantity columns showing so that you can easily see in order of the times providing service through out the day what they were doing for how long during the day. Do note that you can save this filter for each of your scheduleable users so that you can easily just select the saved filter for each user to quickly do a view of the their hours during the day.

Hope this gives you a suggestion for use. Have a happy holiday too!

  • Joyce