Scheduling Procedure

Hopefully this is in the right place. I have just started using AyaNova. I have created all of my PM’s and the ones for May successfully converted automatically to work orders. The only one (out of over 100 for May) that appeared in the schedule was the first one. When I created the PM’s I put in the estimated hours with no user or specific date/time attached as these are determined every month. We go through all work orders and assign them to the users and schedule the actual date/time at that point. Is there any way to have the work orders come into the schedule unassigned to be moved to the proper time and user at that point?



Hi Marv

For a scheduled workorder to show on the Schedule screen, it must at minimum have the Start and Stop date/time entered, otherwise the Schedule screen won’t know what date and time to show it at.

If the Scheduled User record in the workorder does not have a specific user selected, but it definitely has a Start and a Stop time as per the screenshot below, then the scheduled workorder item will show in the Schedule screen as below:

  • Joyce

Thanks for your normal quick reply.