Search Database and Unit History

I wish the “search database” screen had the following:

  1. More column options (workorder number, customer, unit, unit description, etc…)

  2. I wish that the above would be clickable, especially the workorder number, so that I could zoom to that workorder.

  3. Add the above to the report template for that screen.

It would be awesome if I could search for a serial number, and the screen would list all of the workorders that the unit was a part of, instead of having to go to Workorder(or Quotes):Items and then sorting the list by unit description. Right now, the screen is inconsistent. I have tried searching the serial number of units that I know have been in our shop multiple times and sometimes I get multiple results with the workorder in the “source” column. Other times, it just shows one line with unit in the “source” column.

Another wish would be for there to be a list of all workorders related to a specific unit/serial number in the actual unit entry screen. Making them clickable would be even better.

Thank you.

Hi and thank you for your feature suggestions

I would like to bring to your attention about one of the many new features in AyaNova 7 as it is my understanding that you are still using an older version of AyaNova.

The Show All… menu option in the Units menu specifically does what you say - from within the Unit entry screen, just select the Show All menu option and select what it is that you want to see - all workorders where this unit is selected, or all quotes, or all PM’s,

You can also use this with your existing Search functionality - for example:

  • enter in your serial number in the Search field

  • returned results are entry screens where what you searched for is typed into a field. So if you had typed in that specific search term into a field in a workorder, than yes, a workorder would be returned. If you had typed that search term into the Serial: field in a Unit entry screen, than yes that unit’s record would be returned.

  • select the appropriate Source. As you want to view the unit entry screen that has this serial number, than you would of course be selecting where the Source is Unit.

  • in the unit’s entry screen, select Show All… and select Workorders

  • all workorders where this unit has been selected will now show via the Items grid in the Service navigation pane, with all of the available columns for that grid (i.e. Workorder #, Client, Unit, Status, etc) so you can easily open the workorder item you want to view more details of.

  • Joyce