Search Database does not return records where data is selected from drop down lists

Only records returned in a Search Database result are those that are text entered. Do note that this is not a bug, but by design.
Data in a record that is from drop down selection is not considered text.

For example:

You perform a search in the Search Database for Dispatch Zone named “South Burnaby”
What will return is records where the text South Burnaby is entered - like the Dispatch Zone South Burnaby only.
Search Database results will not include clients where the dispatch zone is selected from a drop down list.
Do also note that data entered in the Contacts area of a Client entry screen, or in the Address sub-entry screen of a Client entry screen are not included in the Search Database results.

What is suggested, is to use the filtering of the column in the appropriate grid.

For example:

You want to return all clients that have a part of their postal code that has SP1
View the Clients grid and select to filter by [Custom] on the Postal / Zip Code column
Select a [Custom] filter on the Postal / Zip Code column in the Clients grid
Select Operator of Contains
Type in Operand of SP1
select OK button

All client records with Postal / Zip Code that contains “SP1” will now display.