*Searching Part and adding part in workorder now in AyaNova 5*


We have serious problem filling workorders when You don’t have full ang right part number. Usually You know some part of partname. Is it possible to add search where You can enter part of the name and get in result all the parts that contains the search word? From result list you can easily select the right one.


Hi Argo

That’s a very interesting suggestion for a new feature. I will move this to the Wish List section of the AyaNova Support Forum. The Wish List section is where we encourage AyaNova users to post suggestions for new features. Many features now available in AyaNova are a result of suggestions made by AyaNova users.

Thank you for your suggestion.

  • Joyce

Also note that you can change the part display format to any of 11 different formats, so if it helps you can set the order they display making it easier to mentally jog your memory or narrow down the list quickly, i.e. manufacturer first etc.

The setting is under Administration->Global Settings

Just an update - the ability to add a new part for selection while “in” the workorder itself without having to exit out of the workorder and go back in, will be a new feature in the new AyaNova 5.x estimated release late spring 2009

  • Joyce