Security & Permissions


just out of curiosity, after installing the AyaNovaWBI to the default location under Inetpub\wwwroot all files and folders inherit all permissions and security settings from the root folder of course. Is this secure enough? Do I need to change anything here? What’d be the best settings? The OS is Win2003 Server. Thx.


We have listed in the WBI 4 Online Help file (bottom of additional rights settings you may want to set so that external users can not view the contents of the config.txt file. Other than that, IIS secures everything else as is, and no one can access the AyaNova data via WBI unless they log in.

  1. Open the IIS Manager or Computer Management so that you can expand the Internet Information Services and expand the AyaNovaWBI site

  2. Right-click on config.txt that is within the bin folder of the AyaNovaMBI site

  3. Select Properties

  4. Un-check the Read right, and save.

  • Joyce

That I’ve seen and already changed. I thought maybe there was something else… anyway, thanks a lot again.