separating part number

Is there a way to separate the part number from the part when printing out a report? When I add a part to a workorder, it shows up as ‘2442662 - Wireless Mouse - Logitech’. Can we separate it so it says ‘Logitech wireless mouse’ in a part field, then in a part number field have the ‘2442662’?

Hi Bleu

What prints for the partselected in the workorder record is dependant on what you have set in the Part Display Format in Global Settings in the Administration navigation pane.

For example, if what is presently printing is ‘2442662 - Wireless Mouse - Logitech’, that means more than likely that ‘number - name - manufacturer’ is set.

If you want what is displayed for selection in the workorder as well as what prints on the report for the part selected in the workorder to be only the part number, than edit the Global Settings Part Display Format field to “number only”; save, exit and log back into AyaNova.

It is not possible to separate out the various aspects of the part display format. The part equates to what youhave have set for display.

  • Joyce