Service Contract using Banked Hours on Head Office, Rates are missing

Build info: Server 2003 Standard SP1, SQL 2005 SP2, AyaNova Version with hotfix applied, Head Office (only client with head office) with 2 locations, Service Contract, Banked Hours, Use only Contract Rates.

We upgraded to 5.x a few months back. Everything went fine. I did not notice this until just now because I had a WO already created with Rates selected when I installed the upgrade. Now that I have created a new workorder and am trying to enter time and rates, some of the rates are missing. Only happens on this client who happens to bill to head office. I checked the client screen. Tried selecting a different contract rate and saving then changing back to correct one and saving, but it still will not show up as a selectable item in the work order. Thanks!

Well, after looking at this 7 different times I figured out the problem. One of the techs had started to enter time and notes. The line was bascially blank, no dates, no tech name, no notes. As soon as I corrected the line by using it to add another date entry, I was able to select the contract labor. Kinda hard to explain, but there were entries in the labor entry fields, then someone started to select a new line and did not enter dates, times or notes and saved the workorder. At that point I was not able to select a contract labor rate until I finished filling in the “blank” line.

Hi, as per the posting in the AyaNova News section of this forum, the support office has been closed Friday through Monday (I just did a quick check in although Monday to see if any posts).

I am glad you figured out what it was, but I’m still not quite sure what you mean. Because if a user creates a new labor record, it will automatically prefill in the Service Start Date/Time, Service Stop Date/Time, Quantity based on those, and whatever the default Tax is - so a labor record would not be “blank” unless the user specifically then went in and deleted each of the default selections.
Would you be able to provide screenshots and step by step what was done so that I can recreate here?
[li]screenshot of the Head Office entry screen[/li][li]screenshot of the client entry screen of the client of the workorder[/li][li]screenshot of the Contract entry screen selected[/li][li]screenshot of the Rates screen[/li][li]step by step of what the user did to get the “blank” record in Labor section[/li][li]screenshot of the workorder (showing its Labor subsection) that shows all the fields as how it was, as well as drop down the Service Rate selection showing what is able to select[/li][li]screenshot of the workorder (showing its Labor subsection) that shows after you entered and selected data in these fields, and now what shows in the drop down selection for Service Rate.[/li][/ul]Thank you - as this will allow me to recreate so that we can have development look into it, and why internally it happened.

  • Joyce

I continued to have intermittent errors like this, only on customers using only contract rates. It was a different client each time. It seemed that I was just able to log off then log back in and it would work. I just updated to AyaNova 6 recently and I have not had the problem since.

Thank you for posting back that the issue is resolved with AyaNova 6.

  • Joyce