Service Contracts for instruments

I have been using Ayanova and ARAS for a few years now. We have many customers who multiple pieces of equipment under service contract with us. The issue is that we offer 5 different service plans and one customer may have plan 1- on 2 pieces of equipment and plan-2 on 2 other pieces of equipment and plan-4 on the last piece of equipment. At present we can set up only one service contract per customer and all equipment that belongs to that customer gets that service plan. We need a way to allow for a single customer to purchase different service plans for different pieces of equipment. Each service plan may have different parameters such as Banked Hours, start and end dates, coverage (Parts only or Parts Labor & Travel or Parts Labor and shipping). Will some feature be in the new system to allow us to deal with this situation?


With AyaNova v3, thereare “Contracts” and “Banked Service”.

Contracts identify discount on parts, and specific special contract rates that may be selected within a service workorder, quote, pm or rental that may not be available for other clients or headoffices.

With AyaNova v3, a client or a headoffice can have a contract. If a client has a specified contract, that takes precendence over a contract set for its headoffice.

When a client’s workorder is opened, it “knows” even before it is loaded that the client or its headoffice has a contract, and therefore displays appropriate information regarding rates and discounts on parts.

Rather than having to try to remember when billing out labor, travel, rentals and parts, you can assign these contracts to the headoffice and subsequently to their clients, as well assign to individual clients; and the workorders where these clients are selected will automatically remind you by either allowing these special rates in selection lists, or restricting to only the special rates in selection lists, and automatically entering the discount to be set to parts when used in service.

Banked Service allows you to manually enter in prepaid amounts - whether for hours, incidents or currency amounts, and to automatically apply against the balance from service performed in workorders.

With AyaNova v3, a unit, a client or a headoffice can have banked service. If a unit has banked service specified, that takes precendence over banked service set for the client, which takes precendence over banked service set for the headoffice of that client.

With this, when a specific unit is being serviced, you can apply against that specific banked service for that unit; and keep it separate for banked service for another unit and so on.

With custom fieldsability in AyaNova v3 you could enter additional information if you need to identify even further information such as additonal start and stop dates and so on.