Service Contracts

I can see that I can look at clients and a Client can have a service contract type associated with them however I do not see how to associate more than one type of service plan with a Client and I can see how to associate a type of service plan with each unit.

The situation is this:

I have a client who has 10 pieces of equipment (10 Units each with their own model and serial number). This Client wants to purchase a Gold contract for 3 of the units, a silver contract for 3 of the units and a bronze contract for the remaining 4 units. How does one accomplish this ?

Hello Tom

  1. Contracts in AyaNova are to denote specialrates and discounts on parts. Rates set in a contract would either be availabe for selection in service workordersin addition to “regular” rates, or set to be the only available rates for selection for this client, or for clients of a headoffice. The discounts for parts would appear automatically within a service workorder when parts are selected, and still allow editing of the discount if needed.

Banked Service is to denote prepayment for either incidents, dollar amount or perhaps hours of service - for either individual units, clients or headoffices. In this way, when labor is entered in a service workorder for the unit, or for the client, or for the clients of the headoffice, you can automatically apply against the prepaid amounts.

In your example and situation, has your client prepaid for service for these units, or is it that they are to receive specific rates for each unit?

  1. All field labels in AyaNova can be localized to your situation. For example, if it is that you need to track for each unit a service until date, you will be able to localize what is presently called Override Warranty in the Unit entry screen, to Contract instead - utilizing the Purchase Date field as the date the contract starts, enter in the number of months for the contract, enter in details regarding this “contract” - in this way, when the unit is selected in a service workorder, that specifc information displays right with the unit.

Initial sample field localizations for Unit entry screen:

Fields localizaed to your specific needs:

What it looks like in the service workorder when this unit is selected for service:

With AyaNova , just because something is labeled a certain way in the sample data, does not mean you are restricted to using it that way. Allowing localization of fields allows you to use AyaNova in the best way for your specific needs.