Service levels agreement response time

After testing the product, we discovered that SLA’s ( service level agreements) are not supported.

With SLA’s we understand that we have a commitment towards the customer to respect certain delays, for example:

  • 4I4R:intervention within 4 hours of opening the call and resolution within 8 hours of opening the call.

  • 8I: intervention within 8 hours;

  • NBD: Intervention next business day;

depending on the service window ( 8 to 18h00 or 24 hours on 24 ).

An SLA is typically attached to a serial number of an equipment OR to a customer.

When attaching an equipment to a work order or identify the customer name, automatically the closed by date is filled in.

In the list of work-orders that are not closed, we see which work orders are breaching the SLA ( late versus committed closed by date ).

Does your product or will your product support this feature?


No that is not an existing feature, but it is agreat suggestion for a new feature. I have moved this to the Wish List for development to review for addition into the next version of AyaNova - in the existing Contract entry screen, be able to set a response time, that will automatically set the Close By date when a new workorder is created for this client that has this contract.

  • Joyce