**Service Needed** 3rd party Custom Reports and Templates vendor

Looking for someone to customize reports and templates for V3

Just a note that in addition to sample report templates that come with the AyaNova installation, we also provide many additional sample report templates on the AyaNova Support Forum section Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum that may already provide a report template that you are wanting.

If there is something specific you are having an issue with in customizing a sample report template,we can help. Export the report template to a file (Administration navigation pane -> Report Templates -> click on the report template and export to a file -> zip it up using WinZipand attach toyour forum post on http://forum.ayanova.com/Forum100-1.aspx and identify in the report template the band and the precise field referring to etc in relation to any questions you may have.

Also, if need be, I may be able toprovide custom reports for you. To be able to provide a quote on what this would cost, I would need you to send via direct email to support@ayanova.com the following detailed information:

-what grid/entry screen do you want the report to be available from
-What fields (use exact field labels from the screen/grid for the data fields you would get this informmation from) would this report have
-Purpose of the report (what you will be using it for gives me an idea of what would be needed on the report too)
-a mock-up of the report (Word document, PDF fileetc) that you attach to your email - again, identify in the report what informaiton comes from the data fields and what information is static (i.e. field labels etc)
-send via direct email to support@ayanova.com

The more information you provide, the easier I can make a precise quote for what it will cost and an ETA of when it would be available OR point you towards an existing sample report template that is already available at no charge

Let me know

  • Joyce