**Service Needed** Integration with an Australia accounting package

Hi Ayanova and forum,

I am looking at Ayanova and did a trial about 4 months ago but decided against it because of no integration with Australian Accounting packages. I have been looking at the competition an am getting desparate but am revisiting Ayanova as well. Ireally wantto stay away from double-entry and have been waiting to see if anyone will develop a connector for MYOB (or potentially Quicken Australia).I realise that there is import/Export tool, but I would prefer something a bit more streamlined.

Is anyone currently using the new Ayanova v3 with MYOB that canrelate their experiences (good or bad)? Does anyone know of a connector (even an in house one?) for either MYOB or Quicken Australia?

Thanks in advance for any comments,


Hi Dave

I’m going to move this to the AyaNova Related Services & Products section of the forum as that is where we encourage posting if requesting or offering third party programs for use with AyaNova.

There was a company that was looking into building an Australian QuickBooks AyaNova interface that had also posted in the AyaNova Related Services & Products section of the forum, but they haven’t posted additional information on it’s possibility.

  • Joyce

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