***Service needed***


I’m trying to extract information from the database using sql query, but I have some difficulties gathering data from several tables at a time.

How are the different tables connected? I thought it was the column “AID”, but as far as I can tell that is not it. Example of what I need to extract is number of hours from the work orders that are completed, but not closed.

I hope I managed to explain my problem and that someone knows how to help.


I managed to figure out the relations between the tables my self, I had to add one more table to my query to get the rigth connections.

But does anyone here have any experience with query from Ayanova database? I’m gonna gather information about labor in both completed and not completed work orders, and similar.

Hi Ninni

I would recommend that you reviewthe SDK information provided in Development / SDK / APIand if you still have a specific question, do post it in that same section for development to respond to and so that development is notified that you have posted a topic, and we would be happy to help. This section is more for companies that use AyaNova that provide third party support, or AyaNova users that want additional support that they pay extra for (we ourselves do not charge for our email and forum support). Do be sure to be specific such as what it the task that you are trying to accomplish, as well as the specific tables, data etc.

  • Joyce