**Service Needed**Australian MYOB integration

I know that the currently the Ayanova team’s stance on supporting any Australian financials packages is basically a DIY approach using the import/export tool. However I just wanted to state that MYOB has a FREE developer package with ODBC drivers, table/schema documentation, .NET examples etc available here:


Now, I don’t have the time, but would love tosee this functionality. If anyone is keen to do the work,I think that all of the tools are available for what wouldhopefully be astraight forward integration. I for one wouldmight even be willing to prepurchase such a package if someone reputable were doing the work. If anyone is interested in such a feature, perhaps posting here will help to generate some interest from a developer.

Joyce if there is a better place for this post feel free to move it.



Hi Dave,

I know that one of theengineers that I work with built a patch so that the data could be transferred between MYOB and AyaNova CE. In saying this, I assume that he can build a similar patch so that the data can be transferred to AyaNova 3. I will let you know how I get on in doing this, But I thought I would let you know so at least you had some hope… =)

If you discover anything in the mean time please keep me updated as I will with you.

Thank You Renee.

Alerton Australia.