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HaveAByte.com provides a turnkey, hosted, managed, high-performance, scalable AyaNova solution. As a business-class ASP and web hosting service, dedicated server reseller and management service, and web application developer, we are your ideal partner for offloading the IT headache of running a secure, high-speed, and reliable internet-accessible AyaNova system for your employees and customers.

Setting up an internet-accessible AyaNova server is difficult due to the constant security threat of worms, viruses, and other vulnerabilities. The setup itself can be complicated for most business owners when you need multiple AyaNova users, client app/MBI/WBI access, client access, SQL Server, and other features. Your average web web hosting company does not provide the necessary tools to set up an application like AyaNova. If you host it at your business, you have to not only install, configure it, and make it work, but you then have to deal with the IT issues surrounding having a high-performance web-facing server with 24/7 reliability.

Why dedicate precious IT resources to this when you can get a fully hosted, managed solution, ready to use? Leave the work to us and focus on using AyaNova rather than maintaining the IT infrastructure.

We can have your AyaNova system up and running in as little as a few hours. There is no need to meet in person so we can provide this service to anyone, anywhere. We also offer a real-time on-demand backup link that will download a ZIP of your database at any time.

Please check out the AyaNova page on our website at http://www.HaveAByte.com/AyaNova.htm for more information.

If you are a developer doing AyaNova modifications with the API and would like to partner with us to offer a more complete solution to your customers, we would love to talk to you.

Price has just been lowered: Only $49.95/month with an initial setup fee of $250.00!

Hello. I am interested in interfacing my mobile devices with my own software to ayanova and reselling the whole package to customers. I was wondering do you handle this or know someone who does. Please contact me.



It has been a while since we have offered our hosted, turnkey solution and our customers have been very happy with the results.

Our latest prices are cheaper than ever for smaller businesses looking to use a hosted AyaNova solution. Customers with 3 schedulable users or less will get a $100 discount on setup, and the rate is now $15 per month per user with no minimum - so for example if you have just two scheduleable users, the setup is $199 and the rate is $30 per month!

We believe businesses of any size deserve the power of AyaNova without the high costs of managing and worrying about internal resources, so we are happy that this new pricing structure will enable companies of any size to benefit.