***Service Provider*** Remote technical support software

An Ayanova representative suggested that we post in this forum about our Fog Creek Copilot service, which is the easiest way to help friends, relatives, and customers fix their computer problems by connecting to their computers via the Internet. Fog Creek Copilot is inexpensive, fast, easy, secure, and works with any firewall or router without having anything to install or any settings to configure. Our recent release of Copilot 2.0 added support for Macintosh computers, file transfer capabilities and the ability to have the two computers directly connect with each other.

You can try it out for 2 minutes with our free trial, or for 24 hours with a Day Pass for $5. If it would be of continuing use to you, you can sign up for one of our monthly subscription plans.

Give it a try at http://www.copilot.com