Servicing Loaner Units

Hi Joyce,

Our companyis purchasingtwounits we intend to put in to service as loaners. In addition to being loaned, these units will require periodic maintenance and service.

I have read through the manual and forum but I don’t seea way to create a Workorder and be able to select the loaner-unit being servicedin the Equipment field.

Additionally there is a good chanceloaner-units will be sold to customers in the future and we want to be able to maintainservice history for them.

How do I go about creating Workorders for maintenance or service on loaner units?


Hi Bob

A loaner object is a completely different object than a unit. Only units can be selected in the Unit sub-grid within a workorder.And only loaners can be selected within the Loans sub-grid of a workorder.

What I would suggest is that if you have a loaner that you also want to maintain service on, is to create the loaner object, and also createa unit object for this with your company as the “client”.

When the unit is being serviced, you might also want to select it in the Loans sub-grid of the workorder so that it is not available for loaning out during the time it is being serviced.

And than when this item is “sold” to a client, you would set the loan item to inactive (maybe also make a note about why it is now inactive due to it being sold in its Notes field), and change the “cleint” that owns the unit, so that its service is now via workroders for that client, but you can still view its service history by doing a filter to show all workorders where it is selected as a unit in a workorder.

Hope his helps

  • Joyce

Yes it does help. Thank you.

I just wanted to be sure I didn’t overlook somethingobvious before tryingalternative methods.

We’ll give it a try.

Take Care,