Set all client's "Send client notifications" to False (unchecked) automatically

A company using AyaNova has thousands of clients entered, and they only want a few of these thousands of clients to be notified when a certain event occurs.

Normally the suggestion would be that they would set clients that are not to be notified in a Region that the client notifications is not Active. And the clients they do want to be notified, they would set to a different Region that client notifications was Active along with the settings for the client notifications.

Development created a little utility for them to run that we will provide here to all - that when run, will uncheck the Send Client Notifications checkbox field in ALL client records in the AyaNova database. This way, you can edit the specific clients that should have this field checkmarked.

NOTE that this utility requires the latest version of AyaNova to run (at time of this posting that was6.1.0.0):

  1. Download the UnNotifyClients.exe from into your AyaNova 6.1 program folder C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova

  2. Have all users including yourself out of AyaNova just to make sure no one is in the middle of editing a client etc that may affect the outcome. It is also recommended to create a backup of your AyaNova database before running in the event something occurs and you need to restore from backup.

  3. Open a DOS prompt (go to Start -> Run -> type in the Open: cmd

  1. Move to the AyaNova program folder by typing in:
    CD C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova

  2. Your command prompt will look like:
    C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova>

  3. Type in at the prompt


  1. And the utility will run asking you for the AyaNova Administrator username and for its password, and then will start going through each client record and resetting the Send clients notifications.

It will take a bit as it has to do each client individually (i.e. 1000 clients may take one minute or so) and it will scroll along identifying each client by its name and that it turned notification off until it gets to the All Done!

  1. Than you can go in the client entry screens and specifically checkmark those that should be notified.
  • Joyce