Set Labor Price

How can I do a set labor price in a quote and have it referenced in the workorder screen?

Scenario: I tell a customer that I will install a 2 routers and 2 switches and the set labor price will be $1000. Where should I put the labor price for this? A part named set labor? If I do that then the workorder will calculate labor as parts.

Any suggestions?



Hi Rick

You can do it the common way, via a Labor record, or you can do it as a part. It is up to you.

Labor suggestion

-Make a labor rate called Flat Labor with a retail charge of $1000, and select it in the Labor subsection of the quote wiht a Quantity of 1 (as 1 x $1000 = $1000)
-Than when you generate the workorder from the quote, it will also copy that labor record to the service workorder.
-You also than have the fields for entering details of the service provided, as well as actual start and stop date/times, etc

Part suggestion

-Make a part called Flat Labor $1000 with a retail charge of $1000
-If inventory is enabled in AyaNova, make a part adjustment adding something like 9999 quantity to your warehouse
-In the quote, in the Parts subsection of the workorder select the part Flat Labor $1000, quantity of 1, the appropriate tax for labor,
-when you generate this quote to a service workorder, this “part” will show in the Parts of the workorder with a Quantity Quoted of 1 and with an actualQuantity of 0 - because when a quote is generated, it only displays a “reminder” of the number of parts that should be there, and you enter in the quantity 1 as needed.
-so all you need to do, as you would do with any parts in a service workorder that was generated from a quote, is enter the quantity (which would be 1) for that “part” Flat Labor $1000

  • Joyce