Shipped vs Backorderd

Is there a way to pull shipped and backordered part quantities data to display in a custom form?
ie: client orderes 4 hard disks. The order comes in but is short 1 drive which is on backorder. Client still wants all 4 but needs to puchase the the 3 that arrived immediately. Keeping the requested quantity of 4 and showing that we shipped 3 and B/O’d 1 on the report would be very benificial for both the tech and the client.
It would look something like this on the form:
(Formatting is off but the underscores are an attempt to replace the tab to the next cell in the example below)

Part No.____Description__________REQ______SHIP______B/O______Unit Price____Discount____Ext. Price
___________S/N: WDCA5Y123
9874_______Some other part________1_______1___________________1.99________________________1.99

239.79 is the total cost of 3 Drives before appling 5% discount. The ext. price is the part’s net price before tax. I plan on having the tax amount at the bottom of the report with the subtotal and total for the report.

I guess that brings me to more questions… is it possible to setup the above layout in a parts band that will, when there is a serial number attached to the part, insert the serial number into the next row underneath description cell above it?
Is it possible to setup the table to include the discount as an part of the formula for calculating the total of shipped minus discount?

I am guessing some or all of what I am trying to accomplish will require scripting but hopeful that there is an easier way.

Wow…didn’t realize there is a lot involved in customizing a report.


Hi Steve

If the datafield is a selectable field in the Field List tab, then you can drag and drop to your custom report template.
The tutorial gives an example to start with, as with the other tutorials too.

Scripting via report templates lets you do more - as per

There are a number of example scripts in the sample report templates that come with AyaNova, as well as additional examples in the report template section of this forum.

And you can use API scripting to programically include additional data from other objects into the report (i.e. data that is not available from the Field List tab) - for example forum topic Reporting-Example-of-using-API-Methods-to-display-additional-Rate-data-in-a-Service-WO-report

What you have shown in your post, if for a detailed type report template from the Service Workorders grid, the part requests data (what has been ordered for this workorder, what has not been received yet, etc) is not available datafields. So you could get the information needed through API scripting. Sorry, no it is not “easy”, could be time intensive, but can be done. We provided the API scripting ability for those that wanted to be able to get more data from elsewhere other than what is made available with the Field List tab in the report template. As with report template design, exact how to do so can be provided for a fee.

If you would like a quote, please send all details in an email to, and we would be happy to provide you with a quote to do so. See also forum topic Custom-report-templates for details to provide

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