Show only the total labor cost on report

I created a report in which I am listing multiple “workorder item types” for the various repairs needed on 1 item. I have labor rates for each, but I do not want to show them individually on the quote, I just want 1 total cost of all labor at the bottom. How can I do this?

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Take a look at the sample report templates that come with AyaNova, such as the Sample Detailed Quote and the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total

In the Sample Detailed Quote report template for example, click on the Sum of Line Total field in the GroupFooter3 bandand view its the Script property for Summary Calculated (click on the field xrTableCell47, view the Properties tab, expand the Scripts property, click on the Summary Calculated script so that you can see the script it has in it)

Now click on the xrNetLabor field in the ReportFooter1 band, and view its Script properties for Before Print - you will see that it has a script to display this running total it has obtained.

What this shows you is that for the total of alllabor to be shown in the report footer, the report has to get and show each labor’s Line Total.

If you do not show the Line Total for each labor record, then the report has no way to be able to get the total of all of those Line Totals.

  • Joyce

Also check out the new example report template at such as Example-report-showing-grand-total-on-single-line-useful-for-exporting-too