Signature Capture

We would like to change our existing web based system to Ayanova. However I can find no mention of customer signature capture at the completion of the job which our existing awful software does (about the only thing it does!). Is this possible? Perhaps the signature could be captured as a bitmap on the PDA and inserted into the workorder report as a picture, like a logo for example.

Hi Terry

AyaNova v3 does not have a signature capture feature at this time. That feature has been posted on the AyaNova v3 Wish List. We encourage posting new features and expansion on existing features in the AyaNova v3 Wish List, and we will be going through all of them and shortlisting for addition to AyaNova v3. Many features of AyaNova are a result of suggestions by AyaNova users.

You can embed images into report templates in AyaNova v3.All report templates in AyaNova can be customized, and new created, using the internal report designer - including embedding images, as well as layout, font, data fields, sums, grouping and more. Detailed information on creating custom report templates can be found in the AyaNova v3 Manual available from Custom report templates can also be created while using the trial AyaNova v3. We encourage reviewing the AyaNova v3 Manual as it contains detailed information on all features, as well as tips on use, tutorials, installation and configuration information.

Provided also from is the AyaNova Data Portal utility that allows remote users to access the same AyaNova database remotely using the AyaNova v3 program.

We are also in development of the optional add-on WBI v3 (web browser interface) which will allow remote users to access the AyaNova v3 database using just a web browser, as well as allow clients to log in using just a web browser, request service and view their data. We will be posting release date information on the AyaNova v3 Road Map as we get closer to release.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce

Thanks for your prompt reply Joyce. I have since been experimenting with CE since it has the ARAS web interface and managed to get a fixed IP address for the office and to get my machine setup so that I could access Ayanova via my PDA across the net. That worked pretty good. However I was anxious to try out a full trial before I show it to my team and had resolved to buy 1 licence just to see how it would go. Unfortunately the cost of buying ARAS as well is a bridge too far for a trial. Would Ayanova be interested in giving me or selling me a 30 or 60 day licence perhaps for both CE and Aras. Then I could set up a real trial with our own customer base and our own engineer.

If all went well we would be interested in ARAS, and 4 tech licences immediately and then 3 more within a few months for our sub contractors. When the new Web Interface becomes available we would be updating to the very latest version of Ayanova.

Let me know what you can do for me.

Hi Terry

I will email you directly regarding this.

  • Joyce