Simplified new Client entry?

I would like to be able to set up the new client page so it would have entry fields. Last name, first name, 2 phone #, address, zip code, equip make, model, serial #, and a field for description of service request. I am looking to simplifie so that info can be gotten quickly over phone.

Clients are entered via the client entry screen. Units are entered via the unit entry screen.

When you receive a call from a new client that is not yet entered into AyaNova, you can easily create the client from the client “jump” button on the client selection for a new workorder and it displays for selection in the client list for the new workorder. And within the workorder entry screen itself, you can easily click on the Unit “jump” button to create the unit for that client - client is already selected in the new unit entry screen and you can quickly enter the unit’s serial number, select the model etc.

By creating the client in the client entry screen, that client is able to be selected for future workorders without having to re-type in the client info (name, address, etc), and by entering the unit’s information in the unit entry screen, that unit can be easily selected in future workorders without having to type in that unit’s information again.

1.Create a new service workorder by selecting New… from the Service navigation pane menu
2. The selection screen for the client appears

  1. If the client is not in the drop down selection, than click on the “jump” button to open an empty Client entry screen

  1. Enter in details of this new client and save

  2. You are returned to the client selection screen with this newly saved client listed for selection. Select OK to create a new service workorder for this client.

  1. As the unit is not yet entered, we can select the unit “jump” button to open an empty Unit entry screen

  1. Enter details on this unit and save
  2. We are returned to the service workorder where we can now select that unit

I also encourage you to go through the AyaNova online Help which contains many tutorials on using AyaNova. Just press F1 while in your AyaNova to bring up the online Help

I also encourage you to go through the additional tips on use provided in the AyaNova Support Forum section which includes tips on use with screenshots, as well as video How To’s that we have begun producing…

Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce