Simply Accounting

I use Simply Accounting as my accounting package. Is there any chance of integration with Simply in the works for AyaNova v3 ?

We will be looking at adding other accounting package integration once the next generation , remote access and QuickBooks integration is released.

Which packages we would provide would be dependant on the number of AyaNova users that utilize.

We will be setting up a poll of what accounting packages AyaNova users use on this forum in the near future that would be interested in integration with AyaNova.

Do note thatit is possible to interface now with any accounting or even non-accounting software that supports some method of transferring data to other applications or to a common file format, including Simply Accounting.

AyaNova uses what is probably the most common file database format in the world (JET 4.0) so getting data into and out of AyaNova is quite striaght forward for a database developer to create a custom add-on

We are happy to provide any information to any developer interested in developing for AyaNova, the database is completely open and easy to work with. See the [developers API question]( there a developers API?) for details or see the developers info in the AyaNova manual reference section.Refer also to the AyaNova database schema documentation