Single Point of Entry


Background: We provide on-site and walk-in service.

For a newwalk-in customerI am trying to come up with a way minimizethe amount ofstepsI’ve encountered in order tocheck-in a machine for service.

In order for ustocheck-in anew customer I have to first add the customer to QuickBooks, thenopen the QBI Interface and import the customer to the AyaNova database, close the QBI Interface, open AyaNova, create awork order, close AyaNova, reopen the QBI interface, export the workorder, then I have an invoice inQuickBooks.

Maybe I’m going about it all wrong or is this because I’m using the trail version?

Is it possible in the purchased-version tocreate the customer and workorder in AyaNova (Single Point of Entry) then export the data to QuickBooks without having to create the customer in QuickBooks first?


You can create the client in AyaNova first while the client is in the shop then at a later time create the client in QuickBooks and simply link it to a QuickBooks customer from QBI rather than doing the whole import process at once. Importing client’s would more normally be done when you first start using QBI and want to import a bunch of them all at once.

The trial version is identical to the paid for version in terms of how the features work.

We’re working on the next version of AyaNova and the QuickBooks interface now and I’ll add a note to look into a single point of entry to cover walk in scenarios like you are experiencing.

Also, we will be adding additional features to the next generation AyaNova’s optional QBI that would include the ability to import clients and parts from AyaNova into QuickBooks - in addition to being able to invoice AyaNova workorders into QuickBooks.

[Forum Note: QBI versions 3 & 4 have many more QBI features than QBI 1.2]

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Thank you both, John and Joyce, for your quick replies!

John, I forgot to mention most of the time for ‘new’ walk-ins we take a deposit… hence the need to have a QB transaction take place while the customer is here.

For the time being we will have to work a little more diligently on<SPAN class=958463422-16112005>developing a</SPAN><SPAN class=958463422-16112005>procedure toallow us to </SPAN><SPAN class=958463422-16112005>transfer data </SPAN><SPAN class=958463422-16112005>between the two programs as fast as possible</SPAN>. I have found<SPAN class=958463422-16112005> the QBI transfer works flawlessly and quickly </SPAN>for an existing<SPAN class=958463422-16112005>QuickBooks </SPAN>customer<SPAN class=958463422-16112005>.</SPAN>

I have been in the service business a long time and after evaluating four service packages over the last two weeks I am not only impressed with the numerousfeatures offered in the AyaNova software, the in-depth documentation, and your compan<SPAN class=958463422-16112005>y’s </SPAN>philosophy, but even more with your staff. Reading through theforums it’s easy to seethat what goes in to creatinga great product is thepeople beh<SPAN class=958463422-16112005>i</SPAN>nd it.

<SPAN class=958463422-16112005></SPAN><SPAN class=958463422-16112005>Now it’s time for me to stopchatting and go buy your products.</SPAN>

<SPAN class=958463422-16112005>Thanks Again.</SPAN></DIV></SPAN></DIV></DIV>