Size of database after wiping out data


I have wiped out our database hoping that we will have a smaller database file and have ayanova run faster.

However, after wiping out all the data, the fdb file is still the same size as before we have wiped it out - around 120 megabytes.

We are using the firebird SQL server.

How wo we go about this.



When you restore from backup using the gbak statement identified in the AyaNova v3 Manual’s backup and recovery for the network Firebird Server configuration, that will trim the database file removing the “leftover” indexes. Do this and let me know. If you have any questions about this, do be speciifc in identifying every step, file location, etc you have.

If you are finding that access is not as fast as desired, than it is recommended that you move to the next type of network configuration - the Microsoft SQL Express 2005 network configuration. Detailed steps on how to do this is in the AyaNova v3 Manual section “INSTALLATION OF AYANOVA USING SQL SERVER EXPRESS DATABASE ENGINE” starting page 557

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Wow, thank you for your usual very very prompt response as usual which has not waned over the years.

I did backup the big “wiped out file” and restored it. the file did get smaller but now it is saying this - which I know is wrong, as we know we have a valid license. How do we proceed from this. Thanks very much as usual.

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The license key has been tampered with or damaged.

** License violations are logged for the protection of the licensee and licensor **

Restore the database from a backup or contact AyaNova technical

support for assistance.

Hi again

Send via private message or direct email the following:

-Log into AyaNova as the AyaNova Administrator, select menu Help -> License -> copy all text to your reply
-Zip up your AyaNova.exe.config file from your computer using WinZip and attach
-Zip up the ayalog.txt file from your computer using WinZip and attach

I will take a look and get back to you

  • Joyce