Slow printing

Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone has the same problem. The Previews take sometimes a long time even if you just have 1 page.

Printing was slow in 3 but we never had such a delay. Any ideas. Running on SQL 2005 Enterprise



Printing would be slower via a Data Portal connection than via a local area network connection.

Please confirm - are you running AyaNova 4.0 or 4.1.0?

Also , please provide examples of what you are experiencing:

  1. On a Data Portal connection:

What grid/screen are you viewing?
If a grid, how many records are showing on the grid?
If a screen, which exact screen?
What report is selected?
Is this a Simple Report Template or a Detailed Report Template?
How long precisely from the time the report template is selected until the Print Preview displays?

  1. Also on a Data Portal connection, but actually on a computer within the local area network, perform the exact same steps (same grid/records, same screen, same report, how long for Print Preview to display?

  2. Now the same information on a local area networked computer:

performing the exact same steps
-> exact same grid with exact same records displaying, or exact same screen for the exact same object, selecting the exact same report template, how long does it take for Print Preview to display

  1. Print Preview delay will depend on the amount of data that is being referred to to bring up the report data - for example, a Detailed Report Template even if a single page, will always take longer to display than a Simple Report Template as there are more tables of data to go through before returning the report.

If the above performed with a Detailed report template, do the same again for all using a Simple report template - what are the times for the different situations?

I will also do some testing here to see if I can reproduce, but do post back your examples as comparison.

  • Joyce

Hi again

Did testing here with AyaNova 4.1 and Data Portal 4.1, and do note (this occured with AyaNova 3 printing component and still occurs with AyaNova 4’s printing component), the first Print selection after you have logged into AyaNova will always be slower than any subsequent print previews while in that AyaNova session.

This occurs because it takes time for the .Net Framework to load all assemblies into memory when loaded for the first time (first print preview causes them to get loaded). That’s the cause of this delay at the initial start.

After the first print job, equivalent print previews (same amount data and type of report, etc) are a lot faster (my testing by a factor of 5). For example, when first logged in, the first print in my testing would take about a count of 15 to 20, but if exited out of that print preview, and selected to print the same or another equivalent report, it took a count of 2 or 3.

Check that in your testing and comparisons - that the first initial print after logging in may take a long count before print previewing but that any subsequent print previews take a lot less time.

But do note access via Data Portal would always be slower than access via regular connection. We havespecifically coded Data Protal connection to make the most of speed, but do realize thatyou are connecting to the database over a slower connection. For example, your local network connection to the database may be at 100Mps but your connection over VPN may only be 1Mps

  • Joyce