slow report issue

i am using the detailed report - Detailed Complete Service Workorder with Grand Total

and it seems to take 90-120 seconds to come up on the screen.

is there a way to increase the performance . when i move this into our live network

my techs are going to be complaining … is it the interfacing laging or something else

i have tried it on serval pc’s from a p4 1.7 to a p4 3.0 same performance issue.

also is there a way to make the system just print the doc instead of having to look at

the doc then print?


Hi Randy

The speed would be dependant on a number of factors:

-Speed of the server where the network database resides
-Speed of the computer running the AyaNova program
-Speed of the network connection
-Amount of data being generated for the report (for example, a report for 5 workorders would take a lot less time than a report for 500 workorders)
-how many printers you have set up as they all have to be queried before the Print Preview displays
-And mainly, what network database is being used - Firebird or SQL Server

It is recommended that if you are experiencing a speed issue, you will want to move to SQL Server configuration.

Information on configuring AyaNova for use with SQL Server is in the technical section of the AyaNova v3 Manual. Refer to Microsoft for detailed ifnormation on installation and configuring SQL Express Server or SQL Server.

  • Joyce

server 2003 p4 2.8 1024 ddr2 ram sata 80gig hard drive

about am having issues when i try to do a single workorder to print out to a client

for example a client pickup take 60-90 sec. to generate the page before it can print

2 users on system .


is there a way to print direct to a printer instead of having to see the report viewer come first


randy232 (6/7/2006)is there a way to print direct to a printer instead of having to see the report viewer come first


Hi Randy

By default, the print preview will always display. I believe it may be listed on the Wish List for us to look into adding as a settable option in a future release. At this time, the print engine used requires the Print Preview screen to display.

Have you performed troubleshooting regarding your print issue for a workorder report for a single client?

For example: Have you determined if occurs based on the printer driver in use, whether the default printer is local or networked, whether running AyaNova program on a networked computer or on the server where the database resides? Have you determined if occurs for a specific client, or if a specific workorder, or if specific entry in the workorder results in it? Have you moved to SQL Server configuration?

On test stations here, depending on the speed of the server, connection, server configuration, data in the single workorder - a Detailed Completed Workorder with Grand Total may take a count of1 to 5 as there are a number of computations performed before the Print Preview displays. If it is taking 60 seconds, it may be related to the printer driver used or other factors. These should be troubleshooted.

  • Joyce

will check printer drivers .we use 1300 hp’s mostly but will play around see what i can find out

Another thing to check - the report template you are using - what is the size of it?

Open Administration navigation pane, select Report Templates, sort and find the row for that report template, and check the Size (bytes).

For example, the sample report template Detailed Complete Service Workorder with Grand Total that comes with AyaNova is 889589 bytes which is .8 of a MB If your report template is for example, 1394763 bytes, that would be about 1.3MB

Detailed report templates because of the potential data that can be obtained and the amount of fields and formating in the report, willtake a bit longer to load.

If you have embedded an image file into that sample report template, the image file may have greatly increased the size of the report template. You may want to compress any image files before embedding into a report template.

In addition to checking the size of the template, and checking printer and drivers, also compare time to load a report template made via a Summary datasetcompared to made via a Detailed dataset; as well as if you were to print the same report from the grid compared to printing it for one workorder (i.e print from within the workorder entry screen itself)

  • Joyce