SMB Guide to Ayanova => Step 001 => Installation and licence key

Step 001 => getting Ayanova installed:

a) get yourself a PC with at least XP installed (W2K won’t work due to lack of -Net 3.5);

b) download and install Ayanova;

c) if you recieved an e-mail with a temporary licence key then apply it according to the manual. If you have recieved no e-mail with a licence key then contact Ayanova and give them some other e-mail address to send it to (for some strange reason our ISP does not like Ayanova-mail when fporwarded by our corporate mail-servers);

d) if you get during the licence key registration a “Key cannot be validated” error (as we got) then ask Ayanova support to e-mail it to you as a mail-attachment (text file).

Now you should be done with the installation, Ayanova can be fired up and users can be edited.