SMB Guide to Ayanova => Step 002 => setting up your workspace

Step 002 => setting up your workspace.

If your fingers are itching to start learning Ayanova then stand up, go for a walk in the park and return when the itch has gone away :wink: .

Things to do next:

a) get yourself a decent LCD-flatscreen (in case you have not got one) => full HD 1920x1080 is good.

b) set up Ayanova to run 2 databases simultaneously - one with Ayanova sample data and one that you will clean up and start filling with your own business model.

FullHD flatscreen is necessary to have the both sessions (sample and work) open side by side on screen at the same time - it will help a lot.

c) create a dedicated folder in the filesystem for the Ayanova databases e.g.:


d) copy the ayanova.fdb database file there from its default location in:

C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\AyaNovaData

e) in its new location create a copy of it and rename both files sensibly e.g.



f) in the AyaNova application folder (C:\Programs and Settings …)

  • make a backup copy of config.txt

  • make 2 copies of config.txt and rename them config_sample.txt and config_work.txt

g) edit the newly created config files to pint to the correct database files.

h) create two batch files:



for launching different sessions with the following structure:

verify ON


cd “C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova”

copy config_sample.txt config.txt



verify ON


cd “C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova”

copy config_work.txt config.txt


i) create shortcuts to your desktop from these batch-files and edit their properties to run minimized.

Now you are ready to start looking into Ayanova.