Solution for Key not found Parameter name: key? error on log in


On log in for a specific user account in AyaNova, you receive the following error:

Key not found
Parameter name: key

Possible solution One:

To fix, hold the SHIFT key while logging in as that user

Run AyaNova to bring up the log in window
Enter in the username
Enter in the password
Hold the SHIFT key down and continue holding it down while click on the green OK button until AyaNova is fully loaded
Exit out of AyaNova
Do again

We have seen this error occur when the user encountering was NOT exited out of AyaNova when AyaNova was upgraded to the latest version, as a result some menu options and grid options were not correctly upgraded for the user because their account was in use.

Do note that ALL AyaNova must be exited out BEFORE upgrade is performed.

[b]Possible solution two:[/b]

Restore from the backup made prior to upgrading
(this solution of course would only make sense if you just upgraded)
Perform the upgrade steps again, this time making SURE that no one/nothing (i.e. WBI, Generator, users logged in, etc) is still running AyaNova anywhere.

It is possible that other objects were also not upgraded because someone/something was still accessing your AyaNova database when you performed the initial upgrade steps where ONLY one computer is to log in as the AyaNova Administrator.

Another cause of receiving the error “Key already exists Parameter name: Key” can occur because one or more files in one of the Plugin folders or subfolders for one of the options has been renamed from its original.

For example, you may have updated your AyaNova manually replacing files rather than installing new.
And rather then deleting the replaced files, you renamed and kept the old files in the same folder.

[b]Possible solution Three:[/b]

Open Windows Explorer to your AyaNova program folder (i.e. default is C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova )
Open the Plugins folder
Open each subfolder and confirm you nor anyone else has renamed any of the files that are installed in any of these folders.
If you are not sure if you have, make a backup of your AyaNova database and of your config.txt, uninstall all AyaNova options, uninstall AyaNova (do NOT delete your database of course), open Windows Explorer and make sure everything of the AyaNova program folder is gone.
If not, delete.
And then install again to make sure you have ONLY the correct files in the folders, and only have installed programs you are licensed for.