SOLUTION FOR Workorder Item columns disappeared

It has been reported that in some instances, after an abort or connection loss has occured, that the workorder item columns in the workorder entry screen may disappear.

the solution is to right-click on the row header to bring up the list of available columns, and then checkmark the columns you do want so that they show.

No need to delete the user’s account.

[b]If[/b] when logged in as the user, there is [b]no delete X showing[/b] that just means that the user account affected does not have rights to Delete which enable them to right-click to bring up the list of columns to checkmark.
So instead of deleting the user account itself, [b]just enable the rights temporarily[/b] of that user’s Security Group to Read/Write/Full for Object.WorkorderService and Object.WorkorderItem so that you can log in as that user and bring up the list of available columns, and checkmark the columns that do want to show.