Solution to ImportExportCSV utility not displaying correct character accents

Wanted to post here for any others that experience this:

A company using AyaNova in South America opened a CSV file of their client records they wanted to import.

Instead of displaying correct accent such as with the word CÓDIGO, when opened and viewing the records in the ImportExportCSV utility, the accent would display � and the word would display like C�DIGO

The problem is that the CSV text file for some reason was not specifying what character encoding it’s using. Perhaps because it was generated by some older software?
Normally the first 4 bytes of a text document are used to specify character encoding when non ascii characters are present.
When those character encoding flag bytes are missing then software has to guess what the encoding is, notepad does it right but the Microsoft file parsing library that our ImportExportCSV uses guesses wrong with that file.

Which is why the characters are gibberish on import but ok on viewing in notepad.

The solution is to indicate what the encoding is so the Microsoft file parsing library our ImportExportCSV uses doesn’t have to guess:

To do so:

Open your CSV file in Notepad
Click SaveAs and at the bottom of the save dialog you can select the encoding.  Select [b]"Unicode"[/b] and save as another name. 
This will correctly save the file with the character encoding flag
Now open this newly saved UNICODE file viewing int he ImportExportCSV, it will now display correctly and import correctly
  • Joyce