Solutions if receive error on startup: unable to complete network request to host ...

This error message “unable to complete network request to host …” (where … is an ip address) is letting you know that your AyaNova program is unable to connect to the computer with that ip address.

Just a reminder how the AyaNova program works when networked:
Your AyaNova program when run, refers to the configuration file in your AyaNova program folder.
The configuration file is either named AyaNova.exe.config if version 3, or config.txt if AyaNova version 4 or newer
You can always check what is in your configuration file by using NotePad to open it (only ever use Notepad to view or edit)
Your configuration file tells your AyaNova program whether your AyaNova database is using Firebird Server, SQL Express or SQL Server; your server’s ip address or name; your database name; and username and password to login if applicable.

As your error message is telling you that it can not connect to that ip address, that would be the ip address of your server where your AyaNova database and database server is running.
Either your server is down, its firewall is not letting you through, or perhaps someone changed the IP address on that computer, or something else is preventing you from “talking” to your server.

Recommendation is:

A. First make sure that your server where your AyaNova database and its database server is running on, is not shut down.

B. Confirm if anyone else on your network is also experiencing the same error. So that you know if it is specific to your computer only, or if it happens on other networked computers.

C. If others are also experiencing the same error trying to run their AyaNova program, then recheck your AyaNova networking steps on your server.
Refer to the AyaNova Help documentation for your version.

  • what is the ip address on the server right now by redoing the “ping” steps.
  • and confirm can reach the server from a networked computer
  • and recheck that the firewall settings on the server are as per your AyaNova networking steps
  • make sure your database server you use with AyaNova is definitely running - i.e Firebird Server services, SQL Express services, SQL Server services

D. If others are not getting the same issue, than compare your AyaNova configuration file in your AyaNova program folder to theirs. Perhaps yours was edited incorrectly.

E. Also for your own convenience, do take advantage of this AyaNova Support Forum - for example, searching for the error message text unable to complete network request returns many posts about how to resolve this error such as:

and more

If you continue to experience an issue, do provide the following in a direct email to :

full step by step details on all that I recommended above that you checked and the results (i.e. what IS the ip address of the server; what is set in your server's firewall; what database server is used with your AyaNova and confirmation where and what services are running of it, etc)
copy of your ayalog.txt file from your AyaNova program folder
copy of your configuration file from your AyaNova program folder (AyaNova.exe.config if version 3, config.txt if AyaNova version 4 or newer)
Run AyaNova on the server. Log in successfully. Exit out. Now make a copy of its ayalog.txt file in its AyaNova program folder, rename to SERVERayalog.txt and also attach
Other solutions posted in the AyaNova Support Forum that you checked for, what you checked and how and the results.

Most instances the issue is because the ip address on the server has been changed, or the firewall on the server has been changed and needs to be set again.