Some features of Inventory

Stock may be assigned to multiple different “warehouses” - this could be your main store, a tech’s trucks, a second store and so on. No limit to the number or types of warehouses.

Minimum stock level for each “warehouse” can also be maintained.

The actual quantity of each part in each warehouse will also be available.

Serial numbers are maintained with those parts that are serialized - so once entered into inventory, a user doesn’t have to type the serial number when billed out, and this information stays with the workorder for the client.

And within the workorder, when selecting parts, you can specify the exact warehouse it “came out of” to maintain inventory so as soon as you assign it to inventory, someone else can see what actual stock quantity is.

And when requesting parts via a workorder (because out of stock or not enough in stock) you can also request for a specific warehouse, in addition be requested for that particular workorder.

To help with creating purchase orders, you can easily bring up a list of all parts that are below minimum stock level for each warehouse, and order as needed; as well you will be able to easily bring up a list of all parts that need to be ordered for workorders. No need to open each workorder and see what’s needed, nor need for manual inventory to determine what is needed to maintain minimum stock leve.

Does the QBI enable the ability to keep the QuickBooks inventory synchronized with Ayanova?

Thank you.

Nathan Smith

Natez-TEK, LLC

natesin (3/27/2006)Does the QBI enable the ability to keep the QuickBooks inventory synchronized with Ayanova?

Hi Nathan

QBI v3 does not at this time integrate AyaNova purchase orders and purchase order receipts with QuickBooks purchase orders and receipts. QBI v3 does not import the quantity of parts on hand from Quickbooks into AyaNova.

Once you have linked AyaNova parts with QuickBooks parts, it is suggested to utilize one or the other to maintain your inventory.

Do note that AyaNova does:

Maintain inventory of serialized parts unlike QuickBooks
Allows for unlimited warehouses to further track inventory and usage
Provides part requests via workorder items so that you know which workorder has requested which parts to complete service
Can easily identfy these part requests to add when making a purchase order
Use the Event Notification to notify uses when parts are received for a workorder item

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