Some fields may not show when exporting a report to Excel or Word or HTML document

If you export a report to Excel, or Word or HTML, and you compare the report printed to the report in Excel, Word or HTML, and you note that the report in Excel, Word or HTML appears to be missing fields that normally show in the printed report, what is occurring is that there arefields that are overlapping.

  1. To fix this, open the report template in the report designer

  2. Without selecting anything in the Design Panel, in the Properties tab, find the property ShowHTMLWarning

  3. Change it to TRUE in the property ShowHTMLWarning

  4. What this will do, is will show an exclamation mark anywhere on your report template in design mode where a field overlaps another

  5. If you see a field with an exclamation mark, click on it once to select it

  6. Than in the Properties tab for that field you have just selected, shorten the width of that field via the property Size - Width

For example:

-If the field shows a Size of 68, 25, click on the + sign to the left of the property Size so you can see the Width and Height property fields.
-Now edit the Width field to 67.
-Don’t forget to click elsewhere so that field is updated
-If the exclamation mark is now gone, than you have fixed it - otherwise continue to make the field smaller in Width until the exclamation mark is removed.

  1. You can also manually resize and move the field using your mouse.

  2. Once you have confirmed there are no more exclamation marks, than click outside of the report template to bring up the properties for the report as a whole (or select xtraReport1 from the drop down selection in the Properties tab) - and reset the ShowHTMLWarning back to False

  3. Save your report template and exit