Sorting a Detail Band by "Label" and not by a DB binding?

Does anyone know of a way to easily sort a detail band of a report based on a label NOT bound to a field. Basically my issue is I have used a script to bring the unit “Description” (we are using a location field)… this populates the report fine by there is no built in way to get the list to sort by this populated label… can I use script to also sort this list before it prints??


I am not aware of an existing example to do this.
If you would like me to look into this for you, I would be happy to do so. As per the topic Custom-report-templates send via the following and I will reply with what the prepayment would be to start and we go from there:
[li]Copy of the existing report template
[/li][li]Examples of what would be entered in your service workorders where this report template would be used (i.e. i.e. how many workorder items, what selected and typed into each workorder item, etc) so I can have same sample data here to work with)
[/li][li]Any additional details that would help clarify

  • Joyce