Sorting on User column is based on the user last name only

If you have a number of schedulable users with the same last name, you may notice this.

You will note that the User column is the first column and the sort icon is set - but you can see that a record for Eva Alexander shows, and than a record for Hank Alexander, and than more records for Eva and so on - that the column does not appear to be sorting.

It is.

The User column is sorted based only on the Last Name - it does not take into consideration the first name, or initials or employee number.

You can set in Global Settings how to “display” the User - whether “first name last name” or “Last name, first” etc - this is for display only (in the field and in reports). This display does not affect sorting - the User column will always sort by last name only.

Therefore because we have two users that both have the same last name, the grid than refers to the other columns to determine sort order.

In the screenshot above, because Workorder # is the second column, because the last name is the same for both Hank and Eva, the rows will display based on the workorder number - 43 comes before 45 which comes before 59 and so on.