Specifying a "default printer" for a specific report template

By default, when you select to do a Quick Print (second print menu option in the Print Preview window), the default Windows printer you have set for your computer is used.

If instead, you wantall users on a network to always print the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total report template (or any other specific report template)to a specific printer on your network irregardless of what their default Windows printer is, you can do this by setting the Printer Name propertyin the report template.

  1. Open the report template in the designer

  2. View the Property Grid tab for the entire report (i.e. the sample report Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total report name is xtraReport1, and is what is first selected when you first open the report template in the designer)

  1. Select in the Printer Name property

  1. Select the networked printer that all users on your network also have set up and accessible from their computers

  1. Save the report and exit

  2. Now when your network users preview, when they select the Quick Print menu option, instead of printing to their default Windows printer, it will always print to whatever printer you specified in Printer Name in the report template.

  1. Do note of course, that if any user wants to print to another printer, such as their default Windows printer, they instead would need to select the Print… menu option so that they can select the specific printer.