SQL Backend DB Integration

I think one of the biggest features you guys should be working on is compatability with SQL DB 2000/2003. The MS Jet 4.0 DB is quite limited in size and reliability. Are you guys planning any type of SQL integration?



Hello Sine

Yes. AyaNova v3 will beSQL Server compatible.

The default database engine will be FireBird which is a lot more robust than the Microsoft Jet 4 engine and will be more than enough for small business (less than 25 users), and users will be easily able to set to use SQL Server if performance and data requirements demand.

Unlike other service management software, there will not be an additional charge for SQL Server compatibility

That’s great news. Thanks for your prompt response!



Does the new version of AyaNova v3 support SQL Server 2005? Thanks for any help.


Hi Kathy


A brief list of AyaNova v3 features can be found on the AyaNova v3 web site at http://www.ayanova.com/service_management_software.htmincluding that AyaNova can utilize either Firebird or SQL Server

More details on the the types of configurations AyaNova v3 can be used with at http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNovaConfiguration.htm

And the differences between using Firebird or SQL at http://www.ayanova.com/WhichDatabaseShouldIUse.htm

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