SQL Express DB Error

Ayanova v3 using SQL Express.

Good afternoon,

Over the weekend I reloaded our server with a new OS and reinstalled Ayanova. For the database, I installed SQL Express and restored the database from the backup I performed through SQL Express just before I replaced the server’s hard drives.

Ayanova launches correctly on all workstations. However, no records can be closed and all fields have a default character of - in them, be it new client record, labor record, etc.

By chance do you know of a way to correct this? I still have the original DB on the old hard drive which is no longer in the server, as an FYI.


  1. What exactly do you mean when you say “no records can be closed”? Please provide actual examples of what specifically are you doing and what entry screen in, specific fields, etc

  2. If you get any messages, be sure to provide the full text of the message as well as what is done that results in the message

  3. Provide a couple examples of what you mean by “all fields have a default character in them” - for example, make screenshots of a couple different examples and zip them up using WinZip and attach as well as identify the fields you are referring to in your reply.

  4. From the old server and old installation of AyaNova, open Windows Explorer on it, and move to its AyaNova program folder on it, zip up a copy of the ayalog.txt from the old server using WinZip, name the zipped file OLDSERVERlog.zip and attach

  5. From the new server, open Windows Explorer, and move to the AyaNova program folder on it, zip up a copy of the ayalog.txt from the old server using WinZip, name the zipped file NEWSERVERlog.zip and attach

I will get you all of the files in the next day or so as I am not onsite and the old drive is not connected.

By not being able to close records, there is no error message but the “Closed” check box on all work orders is greyed out.

Hi again

If the workorders have the Closed checkmarked, that means someone has closed all of the workorders. Once a workorder is closed, the workorder is now for historical viewing and printing only. Do note that AyaNova does NOT checkmark the Closed for you - someone specifically has to do so.

Doubel-check, perhaps are you just looking at older closed workorders? Have you viewed any new workorders made just recently that are not yet completed?

  • Joyce

Here are the two logs as well as a word doc with screen shots.

The records that will not close are not previously closed, they are open records with no option to close them. The pictures should help my explanation a little.

Also as a side note, I did use the ExpressMaint utility that was suggested by the staff here on the forums to check the DB as well as reindex, but it didn’t correct either of the issues.

Hi again Josef

Thank you for sending the information and screenshots.

What the information tells me is before you moved servers, you were running AyaNova version 3.4. But on this new server you are now running AyaNova 3.6 - there were a lot of new features added between versions 3.4 and 3.6 and that is why you are seeing these differences

These are all listed in the (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

One of the new features between 3.4 and 3.6, was that drop down selection fields now all have a “-” in them when nothing is yet selected. Also refer to the AyaNova Support Forum topic xxxxx regarding the “-” in drop down selection fields.

Thank you for sending the screenshots. I see now that what you are getting at about the Closed field - not that it is checkmarked and you can not edit the workorder, but that the Closed field is grayed out and you can not checkmark it.

The Closed field is always grayed out until Service Completed is checkedmarked. Or if the Service Completed field is checkmarked (and you have saved the workorder), the Closed field may still stay grayed out if your security group that the AyaNova username you are logged in under does not have rights to the Object.Workorder.Close

Please do review the xxxxx as it outlines all new features and fixes in AyaNova 3 up to the last released AyaNova which you are now running.

Also do note that the latest version of AyaNova is 4.1.5, and I encourage you to take a look at the new features and their benefits identified in the AyaNova 4 Help file section (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) as well as an overview in the video AyaNova 4 new features at http://www.ayanova.com/videos.htm

If interested in trying out AyaNova 4, do review the FAQ & Answers section on upgrading http://www.ayanova.com/FAQAnswers.htm

  • Joyce

Oh my, I didn’t even realize the version difference when I installed the new one. I verified that the records can be closed after service completed is checked. So, no issues then other than an IT guy that wasn’t be very observant. :ermm:

As always, thank you very much for your prompt support. :slight_smile:

You are very welcome Josef, glad I was able to help!

Do take a look at AyaNova version 4’s new features, and check out the FAQ & Answers about upgrading.

  • Joyce