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Did you know as a developer you can use the same api that was used to develop AyaNova and all it’s add-on programs at no cost be it for personal or in-house usage or to make applications that are sold for profit. There are no royalty fees or license fees of any kind to use the AyaNova business object library that comes already installed with AyaNova. In other words when you install AyaNova you have already installed the API.

There are four ways to use the AyaNova API: The easiest way is from within AyaNova itself using the free AyaScript plugin (documentation), or from the report designer within AyaNova.

You can also create plugins for AyaNova that users can access from directly within the AyaNova program itself and lastly you can use the API for your own stand alone applications that run on their own including windows and web applications.

The API consists of a business object library that simplifies programming the objects in AyaNova such as Clients, Workorders, Scheduled technicians etc. Every object in AyaNova has a corresponding business object that exposes simple methods to the programmer to create, retrieve, update or delete them.

Because it’s the same API used by AyaNova and all it’s various add-on’s and utilities you have an easy to use and powerful tool for automating any task that is done manually in the AyaNova program or integration of 3rd party applications.

Some of the possible uses might include automating repetitive tasks, integration with 3rd party accounting or other software, generating work orders automatically based on events from system management software, etc. The possiblities are endless, anything you can do in theAyaNova program with a mouse and keyboardyou can write code to do automatically and much more.

The API docs contain a quick start guide and links to download sample source code and applications to get you going quickly. Note that it doesn’t come with the API itself, you already have that installed on your computer when you installed AyaNova, or you can download the latest trial and work with that, either way it’s there and ready to use.

Everything you need to get started can be found here:

See the topic “Quick Start” in the api docs.

Happy coding!

  • John